Last Updated on April 13, 2021

“Plaaaaayy  Ball !”


The schedules are up, teams have been practicing, all is in readiness for the start of the 2021 baseball season … and you can feel the excitement.  Baseball is back.  Life is good.

We are grateful for all those who chose to play River Valley Baseball here at BMAC.  This is a program committed to our community, to the great game of baseball and to the youngsters who play it.  Community baseball is all about having fun with your neighbors, friends and schoolmates.  This is where relationships are built and memories are made.  It’s not only where we learn the game, it’s where we learn to love the game.

But community baseball is quickly disappearing from the landscape, being replaced by professional programs that appeal more to the adult mind than the child’s heart.  These are very important years, moms and dads.  When they are gone you can never have them back.  A child needs to play and imagine, not train and strive.  There’s plenty of time for that later.

We recently lost a very dear friend of this program, former Cardinals third baseman, Ken Reitz,  Kenny spent many summer evenings at BMAC, sometimes walking the trail, sometimes hanging out under the pavilion or coaching on field 2, but always talking baseball.  To a man who played twelve years in the Major Leagues, an All Star, and a Gold Glove recipient, the game was always just that – a game; something you play.  He never outgrew his child’s heart when it came to baseball.  And you’d have to say that it never stunted his growth.

So here’s to community baseball and a fond farewell to our old friend, Kenny.  Game on, boys and girls.  Game on.

– Bob Totterer

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